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Required performance of CNC cutting tools.

2023-05-12 10:46:13
Because the CNC machine tool has the characteristics of high machining precision, high machining efficiency, concentrated machining process, short clamping time of parts and so on, so the use of CNC tools put forward higher requirements.

When choosing CNC tools, first of all, standard tools as the main tools, according to the need to choose a variety of efficient composite tools and special tools. When selecting standard CNC tools, various advanced tools should be selected as far as possible according to the actual situation (such as indexable tools, solid carbide tools, ceramic tools, etc.).

When selecting CNC machine tools to handle cutting tools, the following aspects must also be considered:

1. Models, specifications and accuracy levels of CNC tools.

The type, specification and precision grade of NC tool should meet the machining requirements, and the tool material should be compatible with the workpiece material.

2, good cutting performance.

In order to adapt to rough machining and machine processing, can use large back cut and high feed, can withstand high speed cutting and strong cutting performance. At the same time, the cutting performance and tool life of the same batch must be stable in order to change the tool life according to the difference in tool life, or manage tool life through the numerical control system.

3. High precision.

In order to meet the requirements of high precision NC machining and automatic tool replacement, high precision is needed, such as the radial dimensional accuracy of some solid end mills.

4. High reliability.

Tools and accessories must be reliable and fit for purpose to ensure that tools are not accidentally damaged and that there are no potential defects in CNC machining.

5. High durability.

The tools used in CNC machining have higher durability in rough and finish machining than those used in normal machine tool machining.

In CNC machining, blade cutting and blade removal can not be processed as usual machine tools, and can be handled manually in terms of time. The blade is easy to pack tools and workpieces. It damages tools, scratches the work surface, and causes further injuries and equipment accidents. Due to the quality and safe operation of the machine, the cutting tool breaks and the blade retracts well.

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